Sunday, June 14, 2009

Les Jardins

Everyday I inspect the vegetable garden. And most days, not much changes, so I just pull out little weeds here and there. The big action of this week was that the corn and pole beans sprouted. The rows of soy beans and hills of cukes, winter squash, and zucchini, however, were vacant of sprouts, so I replanted those seeds yesterday. Too wet? Old seeds? Hens?

The 22 tomatoes and 12 peppers are healthy, but I think they could use some warm, sunny days. The potatoes are going great guns and should be mulched today. A visual tour:


In perennial land...

...peonies, my favorite summer flower, are finally opening:

The Japanese iris are in full bloom:

And my always confident and reliable hostas aren't disappointing, as usual:

Lots if purples blooming right now. Is this a nature thing? That purples attract certain insects, or that the weather is conducive to purples right now? I wonder...

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  1. Very nice! And not a weed in sight -- you sure do a super job of keeping "constant vigilance".