Monday, March 29, 2010

Yesterday, March 28, I moved the tomato and hollyhock seedlings to the greenhouse. On sunny days, it's warmer in there than in my house. On dreary days, not so much. But they'll sit on heating mats under florescent lights until the time comes for planting.

No action from peppers and other flowers. Once again, I suspect old seeds may be the problem.

I also planted lettuce in my hydroponic growing system. Pics to come if/when something grows.

Weather report: Steady rain, 49 degrees.

Sprout report: Garlic and peonies are pushing through. Lots of buds on the peach tree.

Sap report: We visited a sugarmaker over the weekend who said he expects to make about 2/3 the syrup he made last year.


  1. Could you send about five of those degrees my way? We could use some rain too (once the snow has melted, that is).

    Christine in Alaska

  2. I'd like to keep all the degrees I can right now! Although I've heard predictions for "unseasonably warm" by the weekend. Maybe we can give up some then.