Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Day the Birds Were Quiet

I didn't hear many songbirds chirping this morning when I walked out to get the paper.  Why?  It was snowing big wet, heavy flakes.  Yesterday, we admired the new lambs and piglets while hiking in 67-degree weather at Shelburne Farms.  Today, we're homebound with at least six inches piled up outside.  

Worried about what this means for the apple blossoms, of course.  Just knocked a bunch of snow off the peonies. 

I'm not really surprised by the snow, but I am surprised by the amount.  It will be gone by the weekend--60s forecasted for Friday and possible 80s on Saturday.  But still...

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see your gardening blog -- those heating mats for the seedlings must be the ticket!!!
    It snowed here in AK last week too -- but it melted fast. However, we've got lots of compacted snow on the trails in the woods still, but luckily here on the hillside, my raised beds are all melted out, and I've started direct-seeding some cold-weather crops...
    Beginning to look like spring!