Thursday, April 29, 2010

Melt Down

We ended up with around 15-18 inches of wet, heavy snow.  Lots of big, broken white pine branches on the lawn.  A big, uprooted white pine itself across the driveway.  Bent birches.  And a power outage for about 15 hours. 

Today, sun is shining.  Thermometer reads 47.  Snow is melting fast.  Thankfully, the temps throughout the storm never dipped below 30 degrees, so the fruit trees shouldn't suffer any damage. 

I can't seem to think of any upside to it all.  More water for Lake Champlain, maybe?  Mother Nature reminding us that it's not yet time to plant?  Pruning for the white pines?  Time to stay inside and do laundry? 

By Saturday, in the high 70s, it surely will all be forgotten.  Bring on the pansies. 

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